Key To Adventure

Key To Adventure
Shop N Dress Halloween Smash Game
Shop N Dress Halloween Smash Game 1,367 PLAYS
Sheepop 195 PLAYS
Bubbleman 993 PLAYS
Mountain Differences II
Mountain Differences II 1,946 PLAYS
Alien Paratroopers
Alien Paratroopers 1,203 PLAYS
The Dead Pirate's Chest
The Dead Pirate's Chest 834 PLAYS
Tycoon Of Toys
Tycoon Of Toys 1,033 PLAYS
W, A, S, D - Move.
Mouse - Action (control bzzzt).
1 - Switch Camera Focus.
Game Description

Findthe key and bring it to the door. Use Bzzzt to get to places Joe can't go. Bzzzt can grab most items and bring them to Joe.

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