Rescue Games

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The Golden Streams
The Golden Streams 1,896 PLAYS
Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird 25,100 PLAYS
Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja 40,905 PLAYS
Zoo Robot:Lion
Zoo Robot:Lion 5,713 PLAYS
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Jelly Dad Hero
Jelly Dad Hero 6,284 PLAYS
Haunted House Massacre
Haunted House Massacre 4,508 PLAYS
Gibbets 3
Gibbets 3 3,952 PLAYS
Vertical Drop Heroes
Vertical Drop Heroes 3,117 PLAYS
Princess Beach Rescue
Princess Beach Rescue 2,641 PLAYS
Shark Attack
Shark Attack 2,461 PLAYS
Animal Rescue Zoo
Animal Rescue Zoo 2,187 PLAYS
Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack
Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack 2,081 PLAYS
Rockface Rescue
Rockface Rescue 2,064 PLAYS
Sink or Spin
Sink or Spin 1,782 PLAYS
Steam Droid
Steam Droid 1,729 PLAYS
National Thanksgiving Turkey Rescue
National Thanksgiving Turkey Rescue 1,667 PLAYS
Adventura Magica
Adventura Magica 1,588 PLAYS
Wiggi Rescue
Wiggi Rescue 1,487 PLAYS
Bungee Rescue
Bungee Rescue 1,455 PLAYS
Flood Escape
Flood Escape 82 PLAYS