School Games

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Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja 45,110 PLAYS
Diamond Bay
Diamond Bay 4,590 PLAYS
Ninja Ranmaru
Ninja Ranmaru 35,881 PLAYS
Fish Day
Fish Day 22,478 PLAYS
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School Flirting Game
School Flirting Game 7,761 PLAYS
The School Teacher
The School Teacher 4,144 PLAYS
Scooter to school
Scooter to school 3,562 PLAYS
Naughty Girls Classroom Cleaning
Naughty Girls Classroom Cleaning 3,382 PLAYS
Dress for School
Dress for School 3,363 PLAYS
Paper Snowflake
Paper Snowflake 3,314 PLAYS
Riddle School
Riddle School 3,213 PLAYS
Rock Band Makeover
Rock Band Makeover 3,018 PLAYS
School Girl
School Girl 2,993 PLAYS
Chef Trainee School
Chef Trainee School 2,915 PLAYS
Haunted School 2
Haunted School 2 2,908 PLAYS
High School Flirting
High School Flirting 2,860 PLAYS
School Bus License
School Bus License 2,708 PLAYS
High School Wars
High School Wars 2,690 PLAYS
College Slacking
College Slacking 2,662 PLAYS
An Average Day At School
An Average Day At School 2,642 PLAYS
Riddle School 4
Riddle School 4 2,626 PLAYS
Riddle School 3
Riddle School 3 2,625 PLAYS
School Wars
School Wars 2,609 PLAYS
College Girl Styles
College Girl Styles 2,602 PLAYS
Fighting School
Fighting School 2,581 PLAYS
Back To School Dress Up
Back To School Dress Up 2,502 PLAYS
Riddle School 5
Riddle School 5 2,492 PLAYS
Miley Goes To School
Miley Goes To School 2,456 PLAYS
School Kissing Break
School Kissing Break 2,450 PLAYS
Anime School Girl Dress Up
Anime School Girl Dress Up 2,433 PLAYS
School Time Dress Up
School Time Dress Up 2,407 PLAYS
Charming School
Charming School 2,311 PLAYS