Angelina and Brad Kissing

Angelina and Brad Kissing
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Use mouse to interact.
Game Description

Level1: Make Brad Pitt kiss Angelina Jolie until the kissing status bar gets completed. But, while kissing each other, it should be done in a way such that the kids Zoharra and Maddox shouldn't notice the kissing action. If the kids notice the kissing action, the game gets over. Get more score by completing this level, and proceed to further levels. Level 2: In this level, while the romantic pair tries to go on a kissing spree, two more kids along with Zoharra and Maddox, Shiloh and Pax, get included. Without inviting the notice of these four kids, the romantic pair will have to complete the kissing action to reach further levels. Level 3: At this level, Ceon and Vivienne appear along with the four kids. This romantic pair will have to successfully complete the kissing action, in such a way that the action does not attract the attention of all these six kids. By doing this, the romantic pair will have to prove their love for each other.

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