Apollo 69 FREE

Apollo 69 FREE
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This game is played with mouse only.
Game Description

The very best ‘put a hamster in a cannon and shoot him as far as you can’ game. Check out this FREE version with UNLIMITED ENERGY. It’s easy to play, simply aim and fire! Get to try out some of the equipment, cannons, rockets, explosives and gear to help you fly faster and further. Apollo 69 is a unique and original flight action ‘distance game’, in which the player shoots a cute happy hamster out of a cannon or a catapult to travel as far a distance as possible. There are lots of ground features that your hamster can bounce off including a ‘Jack in the Box’, gift wrapped presents and numerous launch cannons and catapults to use along the way.This addictive distance game has gorgeous graphics, mulitple levels, power ups and delivers hours of fun. Look out for it on your favorite game websites, Facebook, Android and soon on Apple mobile devices.

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