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_strzalki.jpg steering the bow

_spacja.jpg shot

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Use the arrow keys to move and space to shot. Press \"d\" to go to the next part of the game.

Game Description

Try to be the best at Bowman European Competition. Check the wind and take care of tiredness. Hit five times in the center on single country to get extra points.

You are a bowman, which are taking a part in competition in 10 different capitals in Europe. In the game you have to be careful of wind and fatigue of player. For each level the distance to the target is longer. To promote to next level you have to get the suitable quantity of points.

Shot to the target - for 3 to 10 points dependent on distance from centre. If you shoot to the centre five times, you wille get 50 points extras. If you get cup, you wille get 150 points.

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