Assault Part 2
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Amusix Flute
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Sheert Wilders
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Baby Taylor Goes Sick
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Samurai Fruits
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Game Description

Welcome to breeder. You will start off with two rabbits, one male, one female. By clicking and dragging the male to the female you will initiate a "breeding session". After a short gestation period a baby rabbit will emerge. When the baby rabbit becomes an adult rabbit, it too may be involved in a "breeding session" and so on and so forth. What to do 1. breed males to females; 2. move them out of the way of meteors; 3. move them away from the electric fence; 4. breed 8 rabbits to win the game. What not to do 1. breed males to males (they are not that way inclined); 2. breed from pregnant rabbits (it's the hormones, don't ask); 3. let baby rabbits play near the electric fence; 4. feed the rabbits (they don't need to eat as they are not real)Game controls: Mouse point, click and drag

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