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Dark Cut 2
Dark Cut
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Use mouse to interact.

This game is processor intensive. It may lag at times, but note it'll be okay. If it isn't, then change the quality during one of your surgeries.
The more drunk your patient is, the easier it will be to keep him alive. Get some liquor into that guy.
Accuracy is important. Be fast but safe.
The game has an auto-save feature, so there is no need to make it all in one go.
Read the instructions for each surgery... you cannot move on until you finished the instructions.
Game Description

Findout if you have talents to become a surgeon or perhaps holistic healing is more your thing.

Take the role of a medic officer on the field, performing new-found surgical techniques. Perform four different surgeries using 11 different tools. Get your patient drunk with alcohol to numb the pain, then go at it!

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