Demogorgon 2

Demogorgon 2
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Super Peach Blast
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Bloons Player Pack 1
Bloons Player Pack 1 2,483 PLAYS
Q-A-Z-W-S-X-E-D-C for placing units in level ESC to cancel selected item before placing Check instructions for more options.
Game Description

Thehuman world rejoiced at the disappearance of the entire Demogorgon genealogy. It was impossible to fathom that this rejoicing would come to a fag-end, the previous battle was a victory worth cherishing for time immemorial. Underworld master of the demons, Demogorgon's anger has broken all hell lose. Demogorgon was believed to be dead, but he is immortal as he has multiple bodies. The underworld has broken all the embargos and is charging towards human kind for the re-entitlement of the world's supremacy. The previous defeat has infected the demons with more terror, something that the mankind may not be able to pursue. Demogorgon's forces were able to infiltrate other dark havens in the universe and have introduced powerful enemy units to tackle the human sorcery. The reign of human apogee is still unknown; the heroes of the previous battle are the only hope to perturb the motion of these monsters.

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