Double Life

Double Life
Spy a Solution
Spy a Solution 1,417 PLAYS
Rainbow Boots Dress Up
Rainbow Boots Dress Up 1,031 PLAYS
Fun Queen
Fun Queen 1,183 PLAYS
Colour Zigzag
Colour Zigzag 529 PLAYS
TNT Zombies
TNT Zombies 1,186 PLAYS
Light It Up
Light It Up 329 PLAYS
Run little dragon!
Run little dragon! 222 PLAYS
W,A,S,D keys - To move. Space bar - To melee.Mouse key - To aim and shoot.
Game Description

Asa result of space storm the 11th landing group of “Ares” lost a communication with each other. Captain Cyrus Prime's landing module was separated from the group and had to crash-land in a sector Gideon-9 next to the miner's colony and contact with the 11th group. But the colony was abandoned and populated by other form of life.

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