Duality 1,488 PLAYS
Dual Kiss
Dual Kiss 1,472 PLAYS
How Many Apples are in the Cart
How Many Apples are in the Cart 1,156 PLAYS
Colorful Cookies
Colorful Cookies 1,365 PLAYS
Relic 1,273 PLAYS
Beyonce Knowles Makeover
Beyonce Knowles Makeover 2,717 PLAYS
Sonic Speed Spotter 2
Sonic Speed Spotter 2 1,146 PLAYS
Jump- A key.
Shoot- S key.
A,W,S,D Keys- Move and aim.
Shift Key- Hold still.
Control Key- Crouch.
Space bar- Massive attack.
Z key- Special weapon.
Q Key- Change special weapon.
1 to 7 Keys- Switch special weapons.
P Key- Pause.
9 Key- Quick help.
Game Description

Ina world where you are the only good robot fighting against all the evil forces, you are humanity's last chance. Going through various areas and destroying bosses and different types of enemies. You can get new special weapons and discover secrets to help you through the game and to make a better score.

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