Epic War 4

Epic War 4
Epic War 3
Epic War 3 3,312 PLAYS
Epic War
Epic War 1,661 PLAYS
Epic War 2
Epic War 2 1,508 PLAYS
Epic Warrior
Epic Warrior 1,312 PLAYS
A Gift from his Girlfriend
A Gift from his Girlfriend 1,245 PLAYS
Mr Coo
Mr Coo 1,896 PLAYS
The Eternal Rose
The Eternal Rose 1,646 PLAYS
Mouse Control: Mouse - play the game. Keyboard Control: A - Select all. S - Select heroes. D - Select all units. 1-6 - Spells. Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U,I,O - Units. Spacebar - Confirm units / Spell placement. Up / Down Arrow Keys - Control turrets.Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move screen.
Game Description

Chooseyour hero and lead your army to battle against fantastic enemies. Use powerful magic and summon epic creatures on your way to victory!

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