High Hat

High Hat
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This game is played with mouse only.
Game Description

Thevalue of a three card hand is calculated by adding up the value of the cards held in any one suit. So if you have three cards of the same suit, you can add up all three. If only two cards are in the same suit you can add those, or use the value of the odd card if it is higher than the sum of the other two. If you have three different suits the value of your hand is the value of the highest card in it. The maximum hand value is 31, consisting of the ace and two ten-point cards of the same suit. A hand of 31 is the Bee's Knees. The ace is worth 11 points, the kings, queens, and jacks are worth 10, and all other cards are worth their face value. Your score is calculated at the end of each round totaling the highest point value of your hand plus the previous rounds

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