Ikoncity Vermania

Ikoncity Vermania
Family Relic - Lost Key
Family Relic - Lost Key 1,714 PLAYS
Chinese Princess Dressup
Chinese Princess Dressup 1,600 PLAYS
Cybershock 2,027 PLAYS
Lady Gaga Beauty Secrets
Lady Gaga Beauty Secrets 2,426 PLAYS
Bloxors 2,676 PLAYS
Nimball Rewind
Nimball Rewind 1,664 PLAYS
Brain Wash
Brain Wash 202 PLAYS
Left arrow- Move left.
Right arrow- Move right.
Up arrow- Move up.
Down arrow- move down.
P- Pause the game.
Game Description

Defeatthe rats and save Ikoncity in this exciting arcade game! Super Rat has stolen all the stars from Ikoncity and taken them to his underground lair. As Ikoncity's biggest fan it's up to you to defeat the rats and retreive them. Control your player in the underground maze and collect all the stars. Avoid the rats and look out for bonuses that will appear.

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