Bouncing Crimlet
Bouncing Crimlet 910 PLAYS
Stickmen Vs Zombies
Stickmen Vs Zombies 579 PLAYS
Stage Gown Dress up
Stage Gown Dress up 1,044 PLAYS
Skate Horses
Skate Horses 2,003 PLAYS
Mario Truck Ride Game
Mario Truck Ride Game 917 PLAYS
Plops Tournament Online
Plops Tournament Online 1,809 PLAYS
Paint Hit
Paint Hit 555 PLAYS
Arrow keys to move. X to soot.Hold X to do a special shot.
Game Description

Anothergreat classic arcade game remake. Nostradamus is a fast paced arcade spaceship shooter with nice graphics and three types of weapons upgrades. Each level has unique enemies and environments as well as a boss at the e

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