Panzo Game

Panzo Game
Defend Your Mom
Defend Your Mom 2,232 PLAYS
Sumo Slam
Sumo Slam 2,719 PLAYS
Eliminate Stars: Twinkle little star
Eliminate Stars: Twinkle little star 1,424 PLAYS
Millennium Falcon Defense
Millennium Falcon Defense 1,625 PLAYS
Handle Drinks
Handle Drinks 1,691 PLAYS
Angry Face Pearl
Angry Face Pearl 1,161 PLAYS
Monster Bastion
Monster Bastion 2,219 PLAYS
Game Description

The alien fleet of strange UFOs have launched a ma ive attack on the valuable forests of our planet to ra ack its hidden treasures. But a brave panda takes charge agai t them to safeguard our natural resources.Help the panda knock down the alie by throwing a magical ball at them before they succeed in their evil pla . As the alie fall they leave behind the treasure, grab the coi and also the health packs to keep up your stamina. Avoid the bullets fired by the alie and also stay away when they fall down.

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