S.W.A.T 25 - Death From Afar

S.W.A.T 25 - Death From Afar
Find The Objects Garage
Find The Objects Garage 2,420 PLAYS
Chu Da Di
Chu Da Di 1,277 PLAYS
Swappers 1,194 PLAYS
Reach The Copter
Reach The Copter 2,848 PLAYS
Save Santa Claus
Save Santa Claus 64 PLAYS
Sk8park 1,075 PLAYS
Xorched Galaxy
Xorched Galaxy 1,030 PLAYS
Mouse key - To aim and fire. Space bar - To reload. D - Enable night vision. F - Disable night vision.R - Restart Mission
Game Description

Grabyour sniper rifle and a clip, Jack's back for more missions! Listen closely to each objective, hitting the wrong mark is just as big a failure as missing entirely!

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