Seaquest Remake

Seaquest Remake
Pirate Dressup
Pirate Dressup 1,304 PLAYS
Bolly Light
Bolly Light 1,671 PLAYS
Statement Earrings Makeover
Statement Earrings Makeover 294 PLAYS
Sphynx Cat
Sphynx Cat 3,339 PLAYS
Avian War
Avian War 1,831 PLAYS
Bird Quest: Adventure Flappy
Bird Quest: Adventure Flappy 325 PLAYS
Bush Cooking
Bush Cooking 1,507 PLAYS
Arrows – control submarine.Space – Shoot.
Game Description

Hasyou controlling a submarine as you race to retrieve stranded divers at the bottom of the ocean floor. Once you submerge, you'll have to contend 0with killer sharks and enemy subs trying to stop you. Fortunately, your sub is equipped with torpedoes that can be fired continuously by holding down the fire button. You'll also have to keep a watchful eye on the oxygen tank, because if your ship doesn't get to the surface in time, it will explode and you'll lose one divers.

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