Shady Tactics

Shady Tactics
Zombie Massacre
Zombie Massacre 928 PLAYS
Foreign Creature
Foreign Creature 1,272 PLAYS
Parking Mad
Parking Mad 1,506 PLAYS
Balloon Man
Balloon Man 1,538 PLAYS
Escaping Paris
Escaping Paris 1,575 PLAYS
Rock Transporter 2
Rock Transporter 2 1,171 PLAYS
Linear Assault
Linear Assault 1,897 PLAYS
Move: Left & Right
Jump: Up
Double Jump: Up + Up
Game Description

Extremelychallenging and highly polished stealth, puzzle platform game. Guide this underground hacker through 20 stylish and moody stages of platform / puzzling fun ... that is, if you can! 20 stages, infinite lives, hidden areas that let you skip areas of the stage (not all secret areas are helpful, some will cause instant death). Moody atmosphere, stylish graphics.

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