Snow Traxx

Snow Traxx
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Game Description

Help Chilly make his way out of the park to meet his friend Lisabella. You must be careful, the ground is covered with the oe and you don't want to slip and fall. Avoid ru ing into objects in and around the park. This includes playground equipment, ow walls, trees and other kids. Also make sure that Chilly does not walk over his own ow Traxx, they will cause him to take a tumble. Slip too many times and your game is over. Pick up warm treats, like a cup of cocoa or a slice of pizza to uncover the gate key to the park. You must find the key to go through the gate and meet Lisabella. Lisabella will send you a text me age explaining how manywarm treats you will need to uncover the key. Pick up cold treats, like a frozen fudge pop, for bonus points.

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