Torture Stickman
Torture Stickman 7,828 PLAYS
Torment iPhone 5s
Torment iPhone 5s 4,321 PLAYS
Tor Smash Master
Tor Smash Master 2,216 PLAYS
Tortola Island Treasure
Tortola Island Treasure 2,040 PLAYS
Toralei Stripe
Toralei Stripe 1,956 PLAYS
Torture Chamber
Torture Chamber 1,796 PLAYS
Tortuga 3
Tortuga 3 1,752 PLAYS
Arrow keys- To move.
A- To smash.
S- To pick something up.
D- To spin away from danger.
Game Description

Youare Tor, a large, gentle natured Martian living in space and solitude in the Martian wilderness. Unfortunately, video games don't often go on like that for long. Earthlings have finally visited your planet and are bringing with them their litter, rap rock, religions and fast food restaurant franchises. You grab your state of the art SmashMaster 4000 and set out to shut down their invasion at the source.

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