Abyssal Fish

Abyssal Fish
Tank Soldier
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Hardcore Bike
Hardcore Bike 615 PLAYS
Invizimals Hunt And Capture
Invizimals Hunt And Capture 704 PLAYS
Adagio 871 PLAYS
World War 3
World War 3 1,290 PLAYS
Witch Castle Defence
Witch Castle Defence 1,496 PLAYS
Spa Slacking
Spa Slacking 1,522 PLAYS
Feeling hungry is quick when living at the bottom of the water. It's time for you to go hunting. Unfortunately, you’re big and ugly and small fishes try to run away. You must catch them and eat them. It’s not easy because you must steer clear of many obstacles on your path and you must also catch bonuses and other delicious fish.
Game Description

In the seabed are hiding the most terrifying creatures. The darkness is total and the silence is absolute. In these dark waters, a scary abyss fish is looking for his next meal. You have to guide him in the dark. Some bright fishes illuminate your way, but you need to memorize obstacles to survive.

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