Angry Bird VS Zombies 3

Angry Bird VS Zombies 3
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Use your mouse to operate, click left key to shoot
Game Description

Springhas finally arrived, everything is awake! Winding plants revealed cute branches, prepare to demonstrate outside himself extremely excited mood. Zombies are frustrated and anxiety with birds' stubborn resistance . They only come to China to seek help for Chinese zombies and offer high price to let them help kill the damn stubborn invincible bird. To hear the birds is so stubborn, chinese zombies have some interest, promised them. And " green pig zombies union " was born.
The bird are more angry, suddenly, a bird jump into the middle and said "it's spring, the zombie " Predators " plant has woken. So the birds will sincerely invite awakening plants to help animals, plants are very excited after listening, so " birds plants union " was born. A unknown battle in the history will start! Play at now!

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