Barbie Prom Haircuts

Barbie Prom Haircuts
Use the mouse to play the Barbie Prom Haircuts game!
Game Description

In only a few days from now she will be attending her prom and she’s thinking to give herself a major change for this event - would you like to help her obtain a modern chic new haircut for her prom? Get the ‘Barbie Prom Haircuts’ game started and prepare her gorgeous blonde hair-locks for the styling process by using the best shampoo on the market to wash it up and a delicate conditioner to give it a gloving of health look! Then you can use the scissors and cut it until you obtain the desired length and your favourite hairstyling tool to beautifully arrange Barbie’s hair for this occasion! Dye Barbie’s hair in the colours you fancy the most and don’t forget to also select a cute hair accessory for a complete prom haircuts! Have a great time, ladies!

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