Classic Pinball

Classic Pinball
Rambo Robot Mayhem
Rambo Robot Mayhem 2,542 PLAYS
Nerd 2,198 PLAYS
Shrubbery 1,997 PLAYS
Russian Kraz 2
Russian Kraz 2 1,813 PLAYS
Parasite Strike
Parasite Strike 1,811 PLAYS
Hand Grenade Hacky Sack
Hand Grenade Hacky Sack 2,608 PLAYS
Madness Premeditation
Madness Premeditation 1,651 PLAYS
Move your paddle to hit the steel ball
Game Description

Move your paddle to hit the steel ball. Watch as the ball bounces around the arcade machine, raking up points for you. You only have three balls. Make them count! Features: - Interactive tutorial - Easy to learn, hard to master - Classic theme - Pumping background music and sound effects

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