Counter Terror

Counter Terror
Counter Terrorist Strike
Counter Terrorist Strike 428 PLAYS
Galactic Escape
Galactic Escape 1,426 PLAYS
Ice Kingdom Maker
Ice Kingdom Maker 1,753 PLAYS
Bling Bloxxx
Bling Bloxxx 878 PLAYS
Gus vs. Bus
Gus vs. Bus 2,439 PLAYS
Keep It Up In South Africa
Keep It Up In South Africa 835 PLAYS
Eggstinction 934 PLAYS
Player 1:
WASD keys to move.
5 to shoot.
4 to jump
6 to use item.
E to switch items.
Player 2:
Arrow keys to move.
9 to shoot.
8 to jump.
O to use item.
P to switch items.
Game Description

Your job, as part of an elite squad of heroes, is to execute missions to take out the bad guys and rescue hostages, leading up to a final confrontation with an evil scientist who knows all that strange and mystifying dangerous stuff like "chemistry" and "math". Use the [arrow] keys to move, [Z] to jump, and [X] to shoot. [S] will cycle through your special weapons like grenades, deployable ropes, and flashbangs, while [C] will use whichever is equipped. You'll need to use cover, cunning, and the advanced technique known as "spraying everything ahead of you with bullets" in order to save the day... as long as you don't fall and break your own neck in the process. Play now!

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