Submachine 3: The Loop
Submachine 3: The Loop 1,599 PLAYS
Helicopter 1,684 PLAYS
Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Fun
Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Fun 303 PLAYS
Adam And Eve 4
Adam And Eve 4 9,053 PLAYS
Overhead Kick Champion
Overhead Kick Champion 1,580 PLAYS
Block Distraction
Block Distraction 1,136 PLAYS
Desk Rally
Desk Rally 1,449 PLAYS
Movement - Arrow keys
Jump - Up arrow key
Double Jump - Jump while in mid-air
Slash - A key
Double Slash - S key
Power Slash - D key
Ultimate attack - W key
Game Description

Fighting game.Culminationis a beautifully crafted action platform game where you need to use your wits and skills in order to defeat Vandheer Lorde! Use your skills learned as a Ninja in order to slay this villain. Sting combos together to build up your Ultimate attack and take down all of Vandheers warriors on the way Enjoy!

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