Demi Lovato Trivia Scramble

Demi Lovato Trivia Scramble
Kore Kart
Kore Kart 3,039 PLAYS
Pair the Fish
Pair the Fish 1,994 PLAYS
Dress Up for Vacation
Dress Up for Vacation 1,918 PLAYS
TriPop 2,204 PLAYS
Treasure Seas Inc.
Treasure Seas Inc. 1,473 PLAYS
Monty's Moon
Monty's Moon 2,373 PLAYS
Bloody Blades
Bloody Blades 2,846 PLAYS
Use your mouse to click the category you want to play. Then use your mouse or keyboard to type in the answers.
Game Description

Puzzle game.Are you the ultimate Demi Lovato fan? Unscramble the letters to answer the trivia questions in each category. If you complete all 4 puzzles, you'll earn a Certificate of Fandom! Have Fun!

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