Desperado Zombie Slayer

Desperado Zombie Slayer
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Use your mouse to aim your rifle and left-click to fire.
Game Description

Action game.Desperado Zombie Slayer is a zombie game where in a Slayer kills zombies. This is a shooting game. There are various levels you need to peruse. On your journey, you will be attacked by several zombies with guns. In the beginning, you owe a small Rifle. As you kill zombies you receive money, for killing a zombie you receive 30. Once a level is completed, you will be visiting purchase shop where in you can purchase ammo for Rifle, ammo for a long gun or buy a long gun, if you don't wish to buy just click on the back. Now, you will meet some more zombies which have to be killed. Controls: Left mouse click. Getting Started: After loading game click on Play. Now, your journey begins. You will see some zombies. Kill them by using left mouse button. The cursor appears as a sniper glass image. Spot it at the zombie. A best shot for a zombie is a head shot, requires two bullets.As you move on purchase items to kill.Kill all the zombies to finish a particular level.Once Slayers life bar becomes zero, the game will finish. Play now!

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