Frankie Stein Hand Doctor

Frankie Stein Hand Doctor
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Use your mouse to play the Frankie Stein Hand Doctor game!
Game Description

Step in getting the ‘Frankie Stein Hand Doctor’ game for girls started and first of all take a closer look to her hand to see how bad the injury is and then look for the right tools and try to fix it! Before anything else, wash her hand with plenty of water, then take care of those swollen fingers and then use a sterilized pair of tweezers to extract the pins in her hand! Take care of those ugly looking corns too, apply patches to cure the cuts and then don’t forget to check if there are broken fingers and in case you find some, make sure to fix them, too! On the next page of the game, you will have to heal Frankie’s upper part of the hand and once you’re done, don’t forget to take a closer look at one of her nails which needs some more attention! Once you're done, you can also do her manicure and choose glittering rings and matching bracelets for a complete, beautifying session! Enjoy it!

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