Frozen Anna Room Cleaning

Frozen Anna Room Cleaning
use mouse to play this game
Game Description

The stepmother of Anna is Gracie. She is very unfair and unkind to Anna. Whenever Anna is happy she will see to that she gets moody. In the evenings Anna would do the homework. Gracie deliberately would interfere and ask the girl to o the cleaning. Tomorrow Anna is having final exams, but her step mother as usually has asked her to clean the house. The girl is helpless. Gracie has two daughters and a son. They are peacefully taking rest in the bedroom. Unless you help the young maiden, she will be in trouble. Collect all the waste and put it in the dustbin. Replace things as they should be. Keep the place neat and tidy. Adjust the pictures that are hung on the wall if needed. Have a glance at the house. If anything needs cleaning, please do so. Thank you so much for helping the poor girl.

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