Funny Balloons

Funny Balloons
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Arrow left : move balloon left
Arrow right : move balloon right
Arrow up : speed up balloon
Spacebar : speed up the counter/select a prize in the inter-level slot machine game
Z : use the detonator to make all the balloons pop
Game Description

Action game.Funny Balloons tells the story of a kid that ventures in the wood and is kidnapped by evil forces that imprison him in a mystic world. To escape and get back to home he must play a strange game where he must guide balloons in different allotments. Each allotments has a color and a particular points level. If the balloon is driven in the allotment of the same color, the points are added to the total score, otherwise subtracted. The objective of the game is to obtain a value for total score equal to the target score.
The game is lost if the player scores a value higher than the target score or overflows an allotment. An inter-level mini game allows the player to play a slot machine game where he can win (or lose) points or abilities used in the main game. The game features 12 levels of increasing difficulty. Have Fun!

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