Gta Grand Shift Auto

Gta Grand Shift Auto
Deep And Blue
Deep And Blue 1,141 PLAYS
Takeaway Burgers
Takeaway Burgers 2,069 PLAYS
Run Run Shoot
Run Run Shoot 1,679 PLAYS
Easter Rampage
Easter Rampage 1,635 PLAYS
Rescue Mission
Rescue Mission 1,445 PLAYS
Lost City
Lost City 1,605 PLAYS
FR Quick Park
FR Quick Park 1,400 PLAYS
WASD= Move. Mouse = Shoot. Guns F = Enter Vehicle. Tab = Weapon Shop. Shift = Run. Space = Jump. R = Restart. Esc = Menu. Q = Walk. C = Change Camera.
Game Description

Before, you were arrested by the police for car theft and bank robbery in the city. A few years later, you were released. But you are very angry. You start to get revenge, you start killing and robbing, stealing cars, using your guns, creating chaos in the city. You walk through the city and you become rich again. Have fun play with Grand Shift Auto.

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