Horses Art Book

Horses Art Book
Use mouse.
Game Description

Are you ready to play another fantastic horse game? This time we present you six different pictures and three difficulty modes. In each level there are two pictures which are seemingly identical. But depending of the mode there are different number of differences between them. In easy mode there are five, in medium- seven and in the hard mode there are nine differences. Your job is to find them all, unlocking levels one by one, in a certain time limit. The score is based on the remaining seconds of your time. As faster you discover the differences as more points you’ll get. If you don’t find all the differences on time the game ends, but you can retry as much as you want. Use your mouse to click on the spot where you did find a difference, but if you’re wrong and miss the spot, then you’ll lose five seconds of your time. To make it easier we are offering you two hints. Just click on the hint button and we’ll help you by highlighting shortly a difference on the left hand side image. On the top of the right hand side image are some other buttons, which you can use to mute the music and sounds, the Retry button and of course the name of your favorite site- Horse Games. The most beautiful soft music in the background will make you love this game even more, so relax and enjoy!

Need Help? View our video walkthrough