KiX Dream Soccer

KiX Dream Soccer
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Controls*It features a Goalie Mini Game which makes KDS even more fun!*While Passing, Shooting and Tackling are simply done with a swipe!*No joysticks or awkward finger positions. No more forgetting which button is for what… *KDS controls are intuitive, engaging and addictive.
Game Description

Are you soccer crazy? Do you Dream about bending it into the top corners? Are you a tough defender and love to slide tackle? KiX Dream Soccer is your game!A new soccer game concept has arrived! KiX Dream Soccer (KDS) has a great combination of fun gameplay, easy to navigate menus and user-friendly mechanics.Steal the ball... Pass... Shoot and... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAL!!!“It’s KiX Games with the number one sports in the world”

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