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This game is played by mouse only.
Game Description

1 Player game.This is the ancient game of Mancala, the object of this game is to collect as many gems in your mancala (the large cup on the right) as possible. You and your opponent will take turns to move the gems, each time you want to move the gems, you need to pick up a cup on your side. And then you will take out all the gems in that cup and then distribute them to the next cups in the anti clockwise direction, one by one. If the last gem lands on your mancala, then you can pick another cup and move again. If the last gem lands on an empty cup on your side and the opposite cup has some gems in it, then you can capture all the gems in the two cups and put them into you mancala. The game ends when all the cups on your side or your opponent's side are empty. The remaining gems on a player's side will be counted as the gems of that player. Have Fun!

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