Mine Warfare

Mine Warfare
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AWSD, ←→↑↓:Control the direction of the characters
key J and 1: Place the mine
key K and 2: blasting (with a Remote Control )
Game Description

Adventure game.Placethe mine and wipe out all the enemy, tank and turrets, and then will pass the game. Players can get a variety of rewards and props by blowing up the trees.
Shoes:can improve the player's movement speed
Lightning: can increase the power of mine
Mine: can increase the number of placing the mine
Remote Control: can place remote control mine, and using the K and 2 key blasting
Life: may increase the player's life quantity
Gold Coin: can increase the player's coins
The game combines the classic Bomb Man and Tanks War games, and it's very novel, so cometo challenge it. Have Fun!

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