Mummy Mojo

Mummy Mojo
Castle Gown Dressup
Castle Gown Dressup 910 PLAYS
Shuffle Swuffle
Shuffle Swuffle 1,211 PLAYS
Spiderman Motobike
Spiderman Motobike 849 PLAYS
Tailspin Air Combat
Tailspin Air Combat 1,446 PLAYS
Candisease 1,022 PLAYS
Rover Archer
Rover Archer 1,326 PLAYS
No More Reinforcements
No More Reinforcements 1,418 PLAYS
Up/Down Arrows - Control Geek
Right Arrow - Boost forward
Back Arrow - Sands of time
Space - Teleportation(when unlocked)
Game Description

Thisyoung geek has struggled to pull the girls he wants in school. So he has gone to search the tomb of King Cool in order to find the items needed to gain the Mummy Mojo he needs. Use your jetpack to fly through the tomb, avoiding obstacles and flying mummies. Gain gold and upgrade your skills to go further than any geek has gone before. Enjoy!

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