Polywar 2

Polywar 2
The Chopper Ride
The Chopper Ride 1,573 PLAYS
Pepe LePew's Love Run
Pepe LePew's Love Run 1,358 PLAYS
Lisa's Daycare Center
Lisa's Daycare Center 1,318 PLAYS
Wild Truck Ride
Wild Truck Ride 1,408 PLAYS
Sik Trix BMX
Sik Trix BMX 2,581 PLAYS
Pirates of the Caribbean World
Pirates of the Caribbean World 1,811 PLAYS
Go Chicken Go!
Go Chicken Go! 1,106 PLAYS

mouse left - aim, arrow keys/awsd - move, space/J- jump, lamb/z - fire, RMB/x - throw grenade, LShift/C - Activate Hammer Time, MWheel/Q/E - Cycle weapons, E/Enter - Enter Vehicle, Esc/P - Pause game, V - Change View.

Game Description

Polywar2 is a cool shooting game. You have a lot of weapons, you have to use them to kill the enemy. Try to avoid the enemy shooting, or you will die. You can explore and find interesting things on this island. Believe that you will win the final victory. Have fun.

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