Crazy beach
Crazy beach 4,240 PLAYS
Burger Corner
Burger Corner 1,992 PLAYS
Pro Skate
Pro Skate 2,174 PLAYS
FatBoy Dream
FatBoy Dream 934 PLAYS
Global Warming
Global Warming 1,748 PLAYS
Cowboys - Saloon Shootout
Cowboys - Saloon Shootout 1,918 PLAYS
Sushi Pack Power Practice
Sushi Pack Power Practice 2,078 PLAYS
Arrow keys/WASD – move/jump
Space – reset level
Ctrl – return to menu
Mouse (move) – aim
Mouse (left click) – fire
To complete each level, destroy all the enemies with the allotted number of bullets. The trick is bullets can bounce of walls 3 times before being destroyed. If you’re extra-efficient with your bullets, there’s a medal up for grabs on every level.
Game Description

Utilise your mastery of geometry and momentum to beat this 2D puzzle-platformer! Bounce your bullets off the walls to destroy the enemy aliens on each of the 30 premade levels before building your own levels in the included Level Editor to send to friends. Enjoy!

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