Transmorpher 3

Transmorpher 3
Transmorpher 2
Transmorpher 2 3,378 PLAYS
Transmorpher 3,203 PLAYS
Tank Trouble 2
Tank Trouble 2 1,175 PLAYS
Kiss Call
Kiss Call 2,588 PLAYS
At Red Light
At Red Light 1,819 PLAYS
Mirror Student Makeup
Mirror Student Makeup 4,764 PLAYS
Scarlet Pumpernickel in Tower Rescue
Scarlet Pumpernickel in Tower Rescue 1,388 PLAYS
Use the mouse or keyboard to move the aliens around. Different aliens have different abilities. You can use 1,2,3 to switch between the characters.
Game Description

Transmorphers return in Transmorpher 3 - with more exciting platform puzzles than ever before. Change shape to different aliens in order to complete the puzzles of each level. You can move, stick or push heavy objects. The levels in Transmorpher 3 are very unique and well designed.

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