Dragon Ball Fighters

Dragon Ball Fighters
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Player 1: AD keyboard keys to control character movement, J key to
attack, K to jump, L key gas, UIO key skills. Key combinations: AA / DD
sprint, SAJ qigong, DD J / AA J sprint leg
Player 2: ← → arrow keys to control character movement, the number
keys one attack, two jumps, three gas storage, 456 skills. Combination
of keys: → → / ← ← sprint, ↓ → 1 qigong, → → 1 / ← ← 1 sprint
Tip: Qigong need gas to be released, oh. Special Characters: Press W
twice or ↑ key twice vacated fly.
Game Description

Avery good action game, the latest version
of the series, adding 1 and Freeza Vegeta super, special characters can
fly empty, Pearl Battle Dragon Ball chapter has come to an end, soon
entered the game to defeat evil be evil! Play now!

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