XMas Penguin Killer

XMas Penguin Killer
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Click on the screen with the mouse to fire the weapon. Select weapons quickly, using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 keys on the keyboard. Hover mouse over Baby Penguins to capture them and restore base energy! Weapons: More weapons will be available as you level up. The weapons are: 1 - Snowdrop - Snow made of a powerful dense heavy element! 2 - Stalac Gun - Damage is smaller, but shoots faster. 3 - Snowbomb - Explodes, with higher damage but longer charging time 4 - Poison Smoke - Penguins that come in contact with the smoke will be weakened so you can kill them easily with other weapons. 5 - Whirlwind - Moves about the screen and destroys everything in its path!
Game Description

Santa Claus created some sick weapons and now he is testing them out on poor penguins in the South Pole. Kill them all in XMas Penguin Killer by Tamugaia! XMas Penguin Killer is an action Christmas bloody game by Tamugaia. Santa Claus creates weapons of massacre. He sets up his testing base in the South Pole to test the weapons out on penguins! Do not let the Penguins invade the base. When you level up, use the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 keys to toggle weapons!snow ball game.

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