Dark Island Dive

Dark Island Dive
Fuel Manager
Fuel Manager 1,268 PLAYS
Try To Survive
Try To Survive 1,726 PLAYS
Japanese 1,068 PLAYS
The Black Envelope
The Black Envelope 1,914 PLAYS
Super Hacky Sack
Super Hacky Sack 1,207 PLAYS
Croustibat 1,573 PLAYS
Prevent Attack 2
Prevent Attack 2 1,209 PLAYS
Arrow keys- To move.
Game Description

HelpToucan Sam and his nephews recover the lost Froot Loops. Use the cursor keys to control the Toucans as they each take a turn underwater. As soon as your Toucan runs out of air, they have to come up for air and their turn is over. Keep an eye out for the rare Blue Froot Loops and don't forget to look out for the pesky ghost! He'll steal all the Froot Loops he can and force you to go up for air!

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